The villa is being built as a future residence for the Bjørnbet family, however in order to finance this project we have to rent our "Villa Bella" for a limited period.

If you are interested in making beautiful Naxos your vacation destination, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.

Under is the normal process of reserving the villa:
  1.  You contact us via E-mail with your availibilty request.
  2.  We can then make you an offer if the villa still is available.
  3.  If you accept the offer via E-mail we will send you a signed contract via E-mail and
       ask you to sign and pay 25% security deposit in order to secure your reservation.
  4.  Security deposit payments are accepted via bank transfer (SWIFT).
  5.  The remaining balance is to be paid one month before your arrival.

For rental by family Bjørnbet:

Steinar, Galina and Anthony Bjørnbet
Phone:  +47 908 50 818

The Villa Bella history
The name Villa Bella is coming from the Russian family of Galina M Bjørnbet (born Tjesova). Galina's father, Major Mikhail Tjesov, died in an accident in Armenia when Galina was 4 months old (January 1967). He was a known border officer that was very respected and the family thus received condolences from the president of Armenia at his funural. He wanted to name his daugther Izabella (nickname: Bella) - and even after they Christened her Galina - Mikhail kept calling her Bella. The name Villa Bella is thus a tribute to the deceased Major Mikhail Tjesov.
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