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The map on the left side shows the island Naxos. On the left side above the middle is Naxos town (Chora) and just South of it is the airport.

The main road going South passes through the beautiful village Vivlos (East of the tourist beaches Agios Prokopis/Anna and Plaka). After passing a hill the road decends in the direction of the more peaceful Glyfada.

On the way you pass exits to Mikri Vigla/Orkos and Kastraki. At the point where the road is closest to the sea (about 17 km or 20 minutes from city centre) is the location of Glyfada (white box on map). See Villa Bella on Google Earth.

Naxos is an island known for the warm northern afternoon wind called Meltemi that makes the island a surfers paradise. Glydafa Beach is famous for windsurfing and especially kite surfing due to perfect wind and sufficient distance to the airport (kite surfing is banned on the beach near Naxos city and on St. George bay). Glyfada Beach is mentioned as very good for wind- and kite surfing here.

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